Dr. Frederick Mindel has achieved dramatic improvements for his patients in all of these areas. You don't have to go to a variety of specialists for a variety of symptoms. Dr. Frederick Mindel's holistic approach will address your health issues all in one location within a nurturing and positive atmosphere.

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"No doctor had been able to pinpoint what exactly was wrong with me.  Dr. Mindel has been a life saver.  His ability to understand your issues and really attack them at the source is magic in my view.  I feel better than I have in a very long time and I have Dr. Mindel to thank." - Cindy R

"If you are at the end of your rope over conditions that conventional doctors have been unable to cure, or have been told 'it's all in your head' when you know it's not, I recommend Dr. M without reservation." - Leah B

Find out for yourself why Dr. Frederick Mindel was Alternative Medicine magazine's Top Holistic Practitioner and was rated as one of the Top Three Nutritionists in New York City.

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